What Can You Expect at Pickup and Delivery While Shipping Your Car?

What Can You Expect at Pickup and Delivery While Shipping Your Car?

If you are shipping your car for the first time through any car shipping company, then reading this piece of information can be quite useful for you to update your knowledge. Since your car is one of the most valuable possessions that you have, it is better to do proper research about the car shipping company before dealing with them.

Ship a Car, Inc. is one of the most well-known and reliable transport companies having a larger network of transport. So, without much caring about how much to ship a car will cost, you must deal with such a company where your car will reach you safely. You will be free from your tension by hiring such a company for shipping your car.

Following are a few questions that must be coming to your mind while shipping your car. So, here we will touch upon them one by one.

Can I keep anything on my car?

Often many people think that they can also use their car for carrying some of their stuff while relocating to a new place. However, all customers must note that the car shipping company will take no responsibility for their safety. They are only responsible for carrying your car.

Therefore, not only you should avoid keeping any of your personal items within your car but also remove any expensive electronics and gadgets if you have fitted in your car.  Most car shipping companies will even refuse to accept your car with your stuff loaded inside it.

What documents will be needed?

As far as various paper requirements are concerned while shipping your car, every transport company may have certain different requirements, which you need to ask before you take your car for shipping.

However, you have to give proof of ownership of the car and also insurance papers. Without that, no car shopping company will accept your car. Few companies may also ask for the registration papers and also your photo identity. It also depends upon in which state or country you are taking your car.

How to ensure that my car will not be damaged?

It is important that while you hand over the car to the auto shipping company, you must thoroughly inspect your car in the presence of the representative of the shipping company. You must hand over your inspection report duly attested by them and keep one copy.

While receiving your car at the destination, you must again re-inspect your car and if you find any damage then you must claim compensation from them.

How will I know the status of my car during transportation?

Most of the car shipping companies will also provide you the mobile number of the driver who will be taking your car. Hence, you can always track the position of your car and know about its latest position.

Also, the shipping company will remain up-to-date with their transports and can always provide you the current location of your car so that you can always remain up-to-date about the position of your car.