Should You Rent A Truck, A Van Or A UTE?

Since it has become quite popular to rent a vehicle to move some items around all by yourself, because it is a much cheaper option than hiring movers or a shipping company to do the work for you, it is very important to know which vehicle is appropriate for your situation.

Where to rent?

It is very important that you choose a rental provider that you can trust, and someone who has been in business for years. You can easily check customer feedback if someone is fitting your requirements, but if you are not sure where to look then check out as our suggestion.

Renting a truck?

In case you are planning to do a bigger move, then renting a truck is definitely the primary option. Trucks usually have enough room for pretty much all of your items, and since most of the trucks that are rent out for moving have a loading ramp, you will have no issues getting your big items in and out of the vehicle.

Of course, the only issue with big trucks is that you might need a special driving license or a permission to drive it. You can always just hire a driver, or you can find a friend who could operate the truck for you during your move.

Trucks provide a lot of space

Renting a van?

If you don’t really have too many items to move around, but you still need a slightly bigger vehicle, then renting a van is a great option. Vans are a great choice to go for if you are doing a move of a smaller apartment or a studio. You don’t really need a special license to drive rental vans, however, having some experience is advised, especially for the taller models.

Renting a UTE?

What makes a UTE vehicle great, is that it controls exactly like a car, while having almost as much space as a van. It is a fantastic vehicle if you want to carry a couple of big items somewhere, or if you want to pick up a big item from a vendor that does not offer free shipping but is nearby.

While it might not be that much of a popular vehicle when it comes to moving, there is something that UTE vehicles excel at over all other vehicles, which is off-road driving. If you ever wanted to go off-road to a hunting or a fishing trip, or if you simply wanted to go somewhere deep into the woods for camping, you can check for UTE renting details.

UTE vehicles are fantastic for off-road driving

Final Word

It is very important which vehicle is your best option for the situation that you find yourself in, and while you can ask the renting provider for advice, it is always better to be prepared about it yourself. There is nothing wrong for leaving your car on stand by and using another vehicle, if it is going to be much better for the job.